Invisalign Palatal Expander



Invisalign has a new Palatal Expander System, and in 2024 our office was selected as the first in Michigan to provide this treatment for patients. The expansion process involves using a series of removable custom 3D-printed expanders that gradually widen the palate to both correct crossbites and create space for adult permanent teeth. This gives children who can benefit from expansion the option of not having to manually turn the appliance every day. The Invisalign Expander is clinically proven to be safe and effective, with no metal parts required.



How many different expander trays are needed?

Most patients going through Invisalign Palatal Expansion treatment will change their expander tray about once per day for 30 days. So, patients will go through about 30 trays throughout the course of treatment.

How easy is it for kids to put the expander in and out?

This is the most attractive part of this appliance: it’s removable. Most children can easily pop the expander tray in and out on their own, no matter their age. So, when they’re eating, playing an instrument, giving a speech to their class, or some other special moment in their life, they can remove the expander and continue when they’re done.

Are there any orthodontic emergencies?

With other orthodontic appliances, the typical emergency ranges from pokey wires, loose bands, to broken appliances. These are mostly fixed appliances, meaning non-removable, so any problems that arise will require an office visit. With the Invisalign Palatal Expanders, there are no metal parts or wires, and they are removable, so this means fewer unplanned trips to our office.

What is the downside to an Invisalign expander?

Our orthodontist will first determine if your treatment case is suitable for this type of expansion. Once it is determined to be an acceptable treatment, then the biggest downside is really how responsible and compliant the patient will be wearing this removable expander. Will they keep removing the expander throughout the day? Will they even just forget altogether and leave it at home while in school? Will they lose it during lunch (most common is putting it in a napkin and tossing it out)? Will they move on daily to the next tray as prescribed by the doctor? You know your child best, and you just need to answer the question: will a removable expander be the right solution? If not, then a more traditional non-removable expander might be a better fit for your child.

Are there any food restrictions?

Since Invisalign Palatal Expanders are removable, mealtimes stay stress-free. Just pop them out, eat, brush your teeth, clean the expander tray with a toothbrush, and pop them back in. So, eat whatever you want.

How do I clean the expander trays?

Cleaning the Invisalign Expander Trays is extremely easy. Just remove the tray from your child’s mouth when brushing, then just use toothpaste and a normal toothbrush to gently brush over both sides of the expander tray. When done, rinse with water and place it back in place in your child’s mouth. It’s that simple.

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